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Our Team

Behind the Chair

The well-trained team at Vee Salon are some of the best in the business. Call for a recommendation based on experience and price and find the best option for you. No matter who you choose, you’ll leave Vee Salon feeling great.

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Specializing in color and balayage, I became a hairstylist because I love the creative freedom and the ability to make people feel good about themselves inside and out that my career offers me. I am motivated and driven by the ever changing trends and techniques within this industry. The constantly changing trends and techniques motivate me to consistently keep learning and master new skills. I love having the ability to offer customized services to all of my clients based on these new trends and techniques. My career goal is to become a recognized industry leader in the beauty industry. I would love to someday travel the world as an industry leading hairstylist and help others achieve their dreams and goals within this industry. I am a wife, a mother of 3 amazing children, and a dog mom. I love to travel with my family and create new memories.



Specializing in color, I love transforming peoples hair and helping them feel their most confident. Growing up I loved dressing up and doing my own hair, makeup, and nails. I am most passionate about the importance of using the right products. Learning product knowledge in Beauty School, made me realize how important it truly is for the integrity of hair. My career goal is to focus on weddings and to be able to do it all; hair, makeup, nails, eyelashes, etc. I am a very outgoing and friendly person and love getting to know people. I also love learning something new everyday. I am a dog mom and love to cook and clean.

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Stylist/Colorist/Hair Designer

Specializing in hair waxing and design, I love to do any service that pushes the limits of the ordinary. Although versed in all services, some of my favorite services to provide are updos, fashion colors, custom design braiding, and waxing. Being born into a stylist and salon owning family, I was taught and learned many skills at a young age. I am a third generation hair stylist and love what I do. I am constantly motivated by the ever changing and evolving span of this industry. I love the inspiration to create beautiful works of art that I receive from constantly learning new trends and different techniques. Being in the beauty industry truly satisfies me because it keeps me creative and allows me the ability to make people feel happy and good about themselves.



Specializing in color and balayage, I love the ability to make a living helping others feel beautiful and good about themselves. I believe that selfcare is very important. Therefore, I love the opportunity that being a stylist gives me to get to know people and help them feel that they matter. In this industry, I am most motivated by the continuous growth potential of the industry and of oneself. I love consistently learning new trends and sharing these trends with other by portraying it in my work. I would love to one day travel the world as an industry leader, teaching new/different techniques to other stylists and helping them develop themselves within the industry. I am the mother to an awesome 7 year old boy and like to live an active life with my son because I understand how precious time is.

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Stylist/Colorist/Hair Designer

Specializing in color and hair design, I love transforming my clients and helping them feel confident and beautiful. As a whole, I love the ability that the beauty industry gives to vastly change your look and become the best version of yourself inside and out. I am motivated by the learning experiences and creative freedom that being a stylist allows me to have. I am also driven by the ability to help my clients feel good about themselves while building valued relationships with them. My career goal is to develop a versed product line that could be used on all hair types. I began in this industry at a young age and have learned a lot along the way. Despite the stigma that follows someone my age in this industry, I love knowing that my clients trust me and that I am able to make them feel confident and comfortable when they are in my chair.


Stylist/Hair Designer

Specializing in perms and hair design, I love being able to make a living helping my clients feel beautiful in a matter of minutes. I am motivated by the valued interactions that I am able to have with my clients and the euphoric feeling and look on their face when they see the results. My career goal is to bring happiness to people utilizing my skills and abilities performing any task within the beauty industry. I love staying active physically and mentally by learning new things, cooking, gardening, working out, and am currently learning new dances.

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